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Ramu Session, Vilnius

Best memories we have are the ones when we give joy to others. And with these in mind let us go back and remember Ramu Records summer event - Ramu Session in which we were sharing good emotions and warmth.

Ramu events encourage us to enjoy the moment and put the past and the future aside. We advocate people to take care of themselves concerning substance usage and eating habits, and hence our event was alcohol-free with a plant based food.

We are delighted to see that this sort of event attracts various age groups, and radiates right facets of our culture. Therefore, Ramu Records crew is sending you loads of good vibes during this festive period and wish you to be healthy and positive.

Take care of each other and massive hug to all of you, and hope to meet you in person soon. Sending love to Good Guys Crew for making this video. Also, many thanks to Pick me UP juice for supporting the event.

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