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Ramu Records crew at Druskininkai Tourism Days

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We wanted to share our quick impressions from the Tourism Days at Druskininkai city in Lithuania where S Gytis and Crab from Ramu Records were invited to share their sounds.

As soon as twilight kicked in, everything started to feel magical in Vilniaus alley, which is in the heart of the town. The city was full of exciting digital arts, sounds and lights all around, and it felt like you are in some urban fairy-tale. Important town buildings and spaces were transformed into colourful nocturnal world objects, and artists scene felt like a forest setting in the middle of Druskininkai.

RAMU guys started with Crab's vinyl set, which flowed with cheerful and at times melancholic Modern Classic music, and gradually evolved into the space odyssey flow with hints of darker drone elements. Crab's set instantly mystified the surroundings, and Vilniaus alley became somewhat strange but luring and attractive art installation.

Then S Gytis joined in with his live set, which was perfectly fitted for the surroundings, buildings, fountain, and the trees which all were coloured with lasers and lights. S Gytis was keeping the meditative and calming vibe, but then eventually moved his sound into more progressive and contemporary structures, and finished with more intense drone waves.

All in all, RAMU crew were super happy to participate in such an event. We send a big thanks and love to the organizers and all the people who participated. Many thanks to our friends as well, who came to support us. So, until the next episode and sending positive energy to you all!

Additional, thanks to Eglė Mačiulskytė (Marija) ( and Edvardas Stalionis ( for their pics.


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