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Connecting people with nature through music & art

We choose to do emotional exploration.
We enjoy observing nature.
We try techniques to get into higher consciousness.
We explore the psychedelic mind, inner dimensions, and our dreams.
We explore symbolism, paganism, and old Baltic culture.
Loving community comes first.
We aim to develop a unique musical signature.
Natural surroundings influence us.
We get inspiration from forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and nature in general.
We aim to reduce consumerism and enrich our communities.
We create immersive experiences in music and art spaces.
We treasure genuine compassion and friendship.
We bring smiles to others.
We respect humans and non-humans of all walks.
We aim to leave no trace and focus on sustainability.
We practice reflection on ourselves.
We try to understand communication with the self.
We value stillness, imagination, and meditation.
We try to learn about the influence of the body on our psychology and internal worlds.
We promote artistic and abstract performance.
We stimulate mind exploration and critical thinking.
We encourage politics as a continuous dialogue to improve the environment.
We bring together different groups and communities.

Our Vision: About
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