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Our continuous journey at Druskininkai tourism days

After the end of summer, the season of pleasant melancholy begins - autumn. Time for reflection, hot tea, admiring the extraordinary colors of nature. Time for books, movies, music, and warm meetings with loved ones.

Autumn started joyfully for our team, because for the third year in a row, we were invited to the Druskininkai City Tourism Days event to share our musical stories. After dark, the city space changed beyond recognition with sound and lighting installations.

The buildings of the town turned into colorful objects and the streets into wandering labyrinths. We launched our show with VytisVA b2b Crab vinyl and a digital set with melancholic ambient music, soft modern classics, and jazz electronics. Then S Gytis followed with an immersive live performance, which was recorded, and you can listen to it.

We are grateful to the organizers for the invitation to this magical and colorful event. The atmosphere of the event and the visual ideas are so enchanting each year, therefore if you haven't been to this event yet, be sure to come and admire the sights and enjoy the sounds. Big thanks to our friends who came to support us.

Sending love to all.

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