SAPNU #002

Sapnu Ambient & Experimental Music Mix Series

I walk on soft moss through a foggy and magical forest with my bare feet softly floating by fernery path. The feeling of fern leaves whispering after sensing the bodily warmth arouses me. They sense me returning.
The wind diving within the tree branches and cumin remind me of the breath of life. It is the smell of my tree, and I am close. Have to go to my tree to stay and listen to its stillness.
Looking at it from its trunk to the very top, which is forever green, and then reflecting and contemplating. I hug the tree with my eyes closed and wish to become it just for a moment. Want to stand firmly and calmy on the ground, want to relax and live the moment.
I lay down next to it, and feel how the roots are embracing me. It is so lovely to stop for a moment and enjoy this feeling. Will stay here for some time. Join us for a moment and lay down next to me. Close your eyes, relax, and listen to what the forest has to say to you.


SAPNU #001

Sapnu Ambient & Experimental Music Mix Series

There are dreams out there which we remember vividly. Time and again, we have the same dream multiple times which makes us question ourselves - is our mind or psyche tries to tell us something with it? If we think a lot about something during our day/nightlife, would it materialize into a related dream? Are our dreams visionary?

With this in mind, Ramu Records begins mix series called Sapnu, which is an experimental and ambient music bridge connecting the real with the dreamlike.

For the first mix, we thank Ramu Record crew members - VytisVA & La'Shaor.

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